What are the recommended browsers for access?

The site is best viewed using the latest versions of Internet Explorer (v. 10+), Chrome (v. 47+), Safari (v. 9+) and Firefox (v. 38+)

How long will I stay logged in?

You will be automatically logged out of the Content Sales Site after two hours of inactivity

How often will the site be updated with new content?

The site will be updated with new content on a monthly basis

How do I find a screener/episode to watch?

Screeners are available on all show detail pages


How do I find new content?

New content will be displayed on the homepage, the landing pages for Scripted, Factual, Movies and Formats

What is a Watchlist and how does it work?

The watchlist replaces the Playlist functionality from the previous Content Sales Site and includes the following features:

                   -The ability to view a screener/episode within a watchlist

                   -The ability to add series (only) information

                   -A maintenance screen that allows you to search, edit, view, export and share your watch list

                  -Create multiple watchlists with the same group of program titles and share them to your contacts

                  -Share watchlists with multiple users simultaneously

                  -Copy yourself when sharing a watchlist so you have a record of what you’ve shared

                 -View the sender and the watchlist creation date

What are my user name and password?

Your email address is your login name

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Tap the ‘Forgot Password’ link to navigate to the “Forgot Password” screen.  Enter your email address and a password reset email will be sent to you.